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  • Specially designed to blend in your mineral products for a professional finish.

    $39.00 USD
  • An Electro- static precision glitter applicator made from silicone designed to pick up and deposit glitter to the desired areas...

    $15.00 USD
  • A soft, fluffy brush to blend shadow & eliminate demarcation lines. Can use with powder to set concealer/ foundation around...

    $22.00 USD
  • Made from synthetic bristles, this foundation brush is soft, full, angled and flat to apply all types foundations.

    $25.00 USD
  • A large, natural, soft and fluffy brush (made from goat and squirrel hair) designed to use with both loose and pressed powders.

    $39.00 USD
  • A compact yet soft, curved contour brush designed to hug the cheek bone or jaw line when using a powder to contour or sculpt...

    $25.00 USD
  • Angled stiff bristles made from badger hair, designed to apply shadow to define the brows while simultaneously combing them...

    $15.00 USD
  • Wide, angled flat-head brush, made from squirrel hair, can be used to sweep color over entire eye from lash line to brow &...

    $19.00 USD
  • Made from sable hair, long and firm bristles with a pointed tip allows for precision application of lip color.

    $15.00 USD
  • A fully synthetic brush designed to tame brows and lashes as well as apply and blend product.

    $10.00 USD
  • Small, angled and dense, this brush is perfect for precision application of gel, liquid or eye shadow liner on top or lower...

    $13.00 USD